” My husband & I took Tara’s class when we were expecting our first. We had no idea what to expect and really were eased by everything we learned in class. Knowledge really empowered us to make informed decisions which resulted in a wonderful & healthy birth.” – Brandy and Phothira

“A big round of applause from Charlotte NC! Tara was our doula when we lived in Rochester for our first birth. Couldn’t have done it without her!” – Jennifer and Chris

“Had an amazing birth experienced empowered by the knowledge and expertise shared by Tara in our classes. Highly recommend this method and this beautiful instructor!!!” – Anne and Matthew

“We took Tara’s class and learned more information than I knew existed. I have since had two incredible natural births!” – Anna and Jason

“We took Tara Rice’s class and she was also our Doula. The class was insanely informative and showed us what to expect at every level. I function so much better knowing exactly what to expect. She made me feel so comfortable and empowered during birth and was an amazing support. She made me try different positions to get comfortable and let me know that I was doing well. Even when I turned to her and said, “I want to be done now!” she encouraged me and made them whip out the mirror to show me how close we were!!! Her help with breastfeeding afterwards was very needed and helpful as well as her visits at home. I always say that I loved my birthing experience and can’t wait to do it again. That is because of Mrs. Tara Rice! You rock my baby birthing world! Thank you a million time for everything!” – Lindsay and Corey

“Tara was in indispensable help during a very slow-to-start labor. Through her expertise, I was able to make informed decisions and ultimately had a natural, healthy birth. Our family is grateful to have met her, and will certainly look to her for help in the future! Yeah, she’s pretty much awesome.” – Lori and Dan

“My husband and I took Tara’s class in preparation for the birth of our third child. The knowledge that we gained was invaluable, and even more impressive was her genuine warm and caring nature. My birth experience was amazing, and a lot of that is due to the confidence that I gained through her teaching. The class series was priceless and I will enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who expecting!” – Tara and Jim

“My husband and I took Tara’s class while I was pregnant with our first baby. I would say the absolute biggest thing we got out of the classes was a demystifying of the birthing process. We felt so in control and unflappable during my long labor and delivery. That confidence really helped us achieve the natural birth we both worked so hard for!” – Dana and Michel

“Before the birth of our first child, my husband and I took Tara’s class. I have to agree with Tara [quoted above], it was a priceless experience that left us empowered and informed as we prepared for our daughters birth day. Because of the knowledge, techniques and confidence gained through her Informed Beginnings class, I had the courage and wisdom to endure 2 days of intense back labor and birth my daughter naturally with very minimal intervention. Tara has inspired me and opened my eyes to the wonders of birth and the amazing power we have been given as women! Much applause and appreciation” – Laura and Khanh

“Reading through these… brings tears to my eyes as I can relate with each and every one. My husband told me we needed to aim for a natural childbirth and my inexperienced and vulnerable self poured this out to my chiropractor (of all people)! I never would have thought her recommendation would lead me to Tara and ultimately the most powerful spiritual experience of my lifetime. My birth was perfect because we were informed, empowered and advocated hard for what I wanted. Tara, we can’t thank you enough for the gifts you instilled…I feel like a warrior…and I know I could face anything with a tactful mind, strong outlook and that inner strength only a woman can possess. Still regretting not doing the number of kegels you recommended ha….eternally thankful in Honeoye.
PS…nothing better in the world than overhearing my husband tell his congratulating buddies what an incredibly strong wife he has….cha-ching!” – Gina and Randy

“I had a very tough birth with my first son and it did not turn out as i planned in the beginning. one thing i will never regret is having my good friend Tara right next to me and my husband giving us clear information to us as to the options we had. Looking back i LOVE my whole birthing experience because I was able to make the call of what i wanted to do next because i had my Doula next to me!! She made me comfortable and that is what a mom in labor needs. Thank you Tara!!! Much love.” – Cathy and Rich

“After 2 not-as-positive-as-we-would-like births, my husband and I took Tara’s class. I learned more about birth then I did having 2 previous babies! She helped us through a “breech scare” and was there to support my husband and me as we FINALLY had the birth we wanted, made possible by her knowledge and amazing presence. My husband and I can NOT recommend these birth classes enough, and we can’t think of anyone else to share the experience with!” – Lisa and Joe